On the Budget Business Marketing Ideas

As a new player in the entrepreneurial market, you’re conscious that every penny counts when you deal with your budget. For a big brand, a couple of dollars is not so important if they’re invested in marketing ideas, but for someone who just started out, the money should return almost instant results to feel that it’s not wasted.

If you’re looking for cheap ideas that can help your business, we’ve made a small list with something that can help you out. Effective marketing doesn’t have to be something that is done by everyone – not everyone has the same customers and not every customer has the same interests. Because of this, some ideas presented here could work instantly, while others could bring you the right results later in time.

However, keep in mind that nobody else knows your business the way you do, so focus on this and everything will be easier, even applying new things of business marketing for small businesses that you’ve never heard about.

Great Content

As we said before, nobody knows your business better than you do. This means that you know what your customers are looking for and also what they need. It means that you have to have great content for your visitors – the posts that you share on your website, on your blog or on your social media profile need to be original. The cheapest way is to write your own content – write about the things that you know and are related to your business. For example, if you sell flowers, you can write about how one can take care of them or how to make a beautiful flower arrangement. It’s just an example, but you get the idea.

Choose topics that have catchy titles and also engaging content – write lists, best practices in your activity, tip collections and so on. If you have old content, try improving it and make it original and engaging.

Instructional Video

Add something spicy to your texts by using instructional videos. For the example given above – how to make flower arrangements – you could make a video where you’re the presenter and share your knowledge in creating nice arrangements from different flowers with your visitors. The video doesn’t have to be very long – a few minutes so that people won’t get bored. However, if it’s your own creation, make sure you host it on your own website (meaning – don’t use Vimeo or YouTube) as this increases your credibility and your authority with the search engines.

If you’re wondering about the costs, this can be very cheap or even for free. With a Smartphone you can now film everything, transmit it live on social networks or edit it with different programs for later uploading.


SEO comes from search engine optimization and it’s actually a gathering of techniques used for increasing the visibility of the website. Don’t think that this is the only thing that works – you’ll have to pay constant attention to all the things that create it. For example, SEO uses keywords and other tricks to increase the visibility of the website, and because the algorithms of the search engines are continuously changing, the SEO must be checked all the time. http://flowercityseo.com is an agency based in Rochester, NY and you can learn more about them at Facebook – Flower City SEO.

However, if you combine SEO with videos, you’ll be able to share the content that you have on social networks and people will be able to see not just the texts that you have, but also the videos. Everything is shared now on social media, and the trend is to see videos as it takes up less time than reading a 2000 words article.

It’s a cheap investment compared to the long-term results that this brings, and it’s recommended for everyone who is at the beginning of their career as an entrepreneur.

Mobile Optimization

What are you constantly using? Do you have the computer with you all the time to access the internet, or do you use a Smartphone or a tablet to check the news, the emails and your social media profile? For 99% of the people who have access to the internet, a search is made through a mobile device, so it’s extremely important for your website to be mobile optimized.

If the website doesn’t have mobile optimization it won’t rank higher in the SERPs, and now Google punishes the sites that don’t have the right optimization. The algorithms are continuously changing so you and your site need to keep up with this – make sure you get your site to easily upload on mobile devices, as more and more people are using smartphones and tablets to look for information or different services.

Your Social Network Profile

Everyone knows that having a social network profile is free, so why can’t your business benefit from this? Choose Facebook or Twitter or even both of them, and link the content of your website to the profile. You’ll need to post new and interesting content every few days, but it’s a great way to attract people to read your content and access your website. You can put all of your links in one place using services such as about.me or evernote.

In the end, you’ll make it out just fine, because at least one of these techniques or a combination of them will bring you the success that you need with your business.